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Don Quixote Novel Epistolary Letter Exchange


Characteristic of epistolary fiction, the psychological interiority of many of “Don Quixote’s” characters is directly transmitted to readers through a series of revealing letters in which men and women write about their thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions, in specific and gripping terms.  Indeed, of the novel’s 17 missives—from Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, Teresa Panza, Cardenio, Luscinda, Camila, Anselmo, Lela Zoraida, Captain Viedma, the Duke of Aragon, and the Duchess of Aragon—readers are given a convincing portrait of what the novel’s characters think about the people, events, and happenings from the story.  

What, in your view, does Cervantes accomplish by presenting his character’s thoughts and feelings in this way?