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Emre Gurgen has established and actively maintained a number of web-based resources dedicated to the study of the Quijote, including a blog with numerous posts, an extensive bibliography, and a variety of materials related to his books, Don Quixote Explained:  The Story of an Unconventional Hero and Don Quixote Explained:  A Reference Guide.  These resources can be accessed at www.don-quixote-explained.com.

Members Publications and Conference Presentations 

Gurgen, Emre.  “The Renaissance in the Quijote:  How the Spirit of Chivalry, Classicism and Christianity Bypassed Medievalism and  Led to Modernity.”  41st International Symposium of Hispanic Literature:  The Influence of Don Quixote in the Humanities. California State University, Dominguez Hills.  15 April, 2015.